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This is a selection of the Astatic microphones and accessories in the messaround collection, starting with an example of the standard blues harp mic, a JT-30.

This is a beat up but functional JT30. It has a ceramic element with good strong volume. It sounds a bit brighter thatn the MC-151 crystal element, but not that much.
The side view of the JT30 ceramic. The shell looks pretty bad but the grille is in very good shape.
New old stock ASTATIC 77. It fits on an ASTATIC press-to-talk TUG stand as well as on a switched connector for attachment to a mic stand.
ASTATIC 200 - chopped and with on-off switch. This mic packs an Astatic MC-151 element.
ASTATIC WR-20. Another microphone with a pretty funky design.

The innards of the WR-20. The microphone has two crystal elements that produce a full sound that would make it a good addition to a ham shack. It has not been put to a test of it's stage use.

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