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Astatic 600 Project

Grille of an Astatic 600 "rocket" mic.

The photograph shows the grille of an Astatic 600 "rocket" microphone just as it was sold on ebay back in the early days. I don't recall how I came across the auction, but I do remember being high bidder at 99 cents. I guess no one else had recognized the object.

I did though, and then I wrote to the seller to ask if the rest of the mic was lying around the house. The answer was yes, but it was in such bad shape she couldn't imagine that anyone would want it. I told her that I did, even if it was only junk.

The shell is shown below. All the small parts down to the pins for fastening the badge to the microphone stem were delivered with the mouthpiece. The stem is in near perfect condition.

Astatic 600 - profile view
Astatic 600 derriére
The parts (less stem)

And here's a nice view of two oceans taken not far from where the mic was sent.



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