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F&H Schumann

I'm not really sure about the pedigree of this crystal microphone, only that it's labelled "FH Schumann MKS 37". Except for the Schumann badge though, it looks very much like a Ronette 640 . I'm not sure about the innards either. Be that as it may, the Schumann company was (or maybe still is) located in a German hamlet called Hinsbeck, which is just across the border from Venlo,  Netherlands, so I suspect that the crystal elements come from Ronette. Besides, there are other Schumann mics with elements  that are marked "Ronette".

Whatever ... my primary interest is in the way these things look. the way they sound is secondary.


So don't expect a qualified answer on this page: when in doubt about Dutch mics consult this website:

It is among the first sites on the www with photographs and lots of useful information on vintage microphone.



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