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RCA microphones

The Radio Corporation of America was around from the early 1900s until the mid-1980s, when it was so broke and low-down that the company had to sell its name.

During the nine decades of its existence RCA introduced a number of innovative products, many of which had a considerable effect on recording technology, radio and television. And of course, on microphones.

One very important RCA invention is the ribbon microphone. A ribbon microphone converts sound waves into electronic impulses by means of an ultra-thing strip of metal that is placed between the opposite poles of two strong magnets. Acoustic waves  - from a voice or musical instrument - cause the ribbon to vibrate and this movement creates a low voltage impulse that is picked up by contacts placed at one or both ends of the ribbon. Since the output at this point is very low voltage, it has to be amplified in order to produce a usable signal. A transformer is used for this purpose and the quality of the sound that comes from the microphone depends to a not small extent on how well the transformer performs this task.

Since the ribbons that drive these mics are so light, they are extremely sensitive to sound waves. This allows them to produce a natural sound with a relatively flat frequency response that can accurately reproduce the sound of a human voice or of a musical instrument without distortion. 

In other words: they sound pretty good.



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